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Arizona Technology Leaders – What is the value of your solution?

Have you developed an outstanding solution for your customer based on your extensive knowledge of a business process or an industry and its related needs and pain points? This solution could take many forms including software applications, management services, integration services, consulting services and processing services to list just a few. The goal of each… Read more »

Increase the velocity of cash in your business.

One of the most important metrics that a business owner should understand is the cash conversion cycle (CCC) of their business.  The cash conversion cycle measures the amount of time, in days, between the investment of resources in a business, when you pay for those resources and ultimately when you are paid by the customer… Read more »

You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it.

You can’t predict the future, but you can viagra naturel pour homme prix plan for it. August 2011 Newsletter by Dave Saunders,CPA, CMA Partner, B2B CFO® We are now in the second half of 2011 and business owners are beginning to look ahead to how they will close the year. Uncertainty levels remain high as… Read more »

Increase the value of your business through cash planning.

by Dave Saunders,CPA, CMA Partner, B2B CFO®  It’s been said a million times, but it is always worth repeating . . . “Cash is the life blood of every business.”  A small business can survive a number of mistakes, and learning from these mistakes is generally what makes the company stronger. Unfortunately, running out of… Read more »

Build your roadmap for business value creation.

Build your roadmap for business value creation. September 2011 Newsletter by Dave Saunders,CPA, CMA Partner, B2B CFO® As a business achieves success, the focus of the owner needs to shift from minding day-to-day operations to building the value of their business so that it will one day meet their retirement needs. Fortunately, there are processes and… Read more »

Plan for your dreams.

  Plan for your dreams. October 2011 Newsletter by Dave Saunders,CPA, CMA Partner, B2B CFO®   You have developed a compelling product or service and have experienced growth beyond your expectations. You consistently delight your customers who have become your biggest advocates, adorning your website with testimonials and stories of your success and value. You… Read more »

What’s in a P&L – the Financial Model

The three most important financial reports for a business owner to understand are the Profit and Loss statement, also known as a P&L, the balance sheet and the cash flow forecast.  In this article, I will discuss the P&L, what it means to you as a business owner and how it relates to the financial… Read more »

About the East Valley

  The East Valley of Greater Phoenix, Arizona is comprised of fifteen communities and is one of the most dynamic and high-growth regions in the United States.  The East Valley has over 655,000 households, a $36B consumer base and over 65,000 business establishments.  The East Valley operates as a strategic hub for the aerospace and… Read more »

What’s in a P&L – the Structure

The information value that comes from a P&L can be increased if it is tailored to your business.  The P&L should be customized based on the products or services you provide to your customer, the types of direct costs that you incur in delivering and supporting these products and buy levitra nz bayer services and… Read more »

B2B CFO® – Inc 5000

For the third consecutive year, B2B CFO© ranks among America’s fastest growing companies August 22, 2012 at 8:31 pm Phoenix, Aug. 22, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – B2B CFO, the nation’s largest provider of CFO services, has been named to the prestigious Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in America for the third consecutive year. The annual… Read more »