The challenge of growth – transferring authority to a new manager.

One of the most challenging and stressful aspects of leading a high growth business is determining the appropriate time to hire resources to manage various functions of your business.  Quite often business owners make this difficult decision when they themselves become a constraint in growing, planning, managing and administering their business and tending to customers. … Read more »

Arizona Technology Leaders – What is the value of your solution?

Have you developed an outstanding solution for your customer based on your extensive knowledge of a business process or an industry and its related needs and pain points? This solution could take many forms including software applications, management services, integration services, consulting services and processing services to list just a few. The goal of each… Read more »

Concentrate on making 2013 a great year for your business by putting a quick close on 2012.

2012 is drawing to a close and it is time to start focusing on growing your business profitably in 2013.  For many small and mid-size businesses, however, it might be three months before the books are closed on 2012, operating results are reported and the related tax liabilities are understood.  Maintaining such extended concentration on… Read more »

Get ready for 2013 tax and regulatory changes that can impact your business.

There are a number of very significant changes that might impact how you manage your business and personal finances that could go into effect on January 1st, 2013.  Some of these changes have already been written into law through the Affordable Care Act or have been passed by Congress.  Others, however, are still being hotly… Read more »

Understanding your sales cycle.

Understanding your sales cycle. In order to effectively plan revenue and cash flow for your business it is important to understand the sales cycle.  A sales cycle is the amount of time that it takes your business to: Qualify a lead to determine that there is a need and that you have the capability and… Read more »

Factoring Accounts Receivable – What is factoring?

Factoring of accounts receivable can provide a growing business with accelerated cash flow to assist with its working capital needs.  Factoring is a method of financing where a business either 1) sells its accounts receivable to a factor at a discount or 2) receives an advance against its accounts receivable.  Typical advance rates range from… Read more »

Arizona Commerce Authority announces winners of Spring 2012 Arizona Innovation Challenge

SIX TECHNOLOGY START-UPS WIN THE SPRING 2012 ARIZONA INNOVATION CHALLENGE Congratulations to these six companies for their entrepreneurial spirit, their innovation and for their courage.  The six winners were: Agave Semiconductor Phoenix, AZ CEO: Dr. Robert Brannen, PhD Agave Semiconductor’s technology optimizes the energy efficiency of electric motors, including applications in portable medical devices and… Read more »

Increase the velocity of cash in your business.

One of the most important metrics that a business owner should understand is the cash conversion cycle (CCC) of their business.  The cash conversion cycle measures the amount of time, in days, between the investment of resources in a business, when you pay for those resources and ultimately when you are paid by the customer… Read more »