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Dave Saunders

Mesa, AZ CFO

25 Years of Experience

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University of Iowa, BBA

University of Iowa, MA Accounting

Certificates & Licenses:

Certified Public Accountant, AZ and WI (CPA)

Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

Lean / Six-Sigma Greenbelt


Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce

American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA)

Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Financial Executives Networking Group (FENG)

Financial Executives International (FEI)

Arizona Technology Council

The Indus Entrepreneur (TiE)

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Partner Bio

Dave is a results-driven financial executive offering more than 20 years of experience and success in driving profit improvement, leading business growth, establishing and scaling operations and building operationally-focused teams. Dave has broad financial experience in technology based businesses including hardware, software, systems integration, interactive and social media, managed services and printing. He has also served in a variety of other industries including: manufacturing, consumer products, distribution, professional services and B2C services. He has held financial leadership positions with public and private companies ranging in size from start-up and middle-market to global Fortune 500 businesses. Dave began his career with a Big Four public accounting firm providing audit, advisory and acquisition services to mid-size companies.

Dave’s core expertise includes optimizing cash flow, improving profit, building processes and infrastructure to facilitate growth, managing operations and financial planning.

Dave prides himself on being a strong business partner with a strategic, market and operations based approach to delivering value beyond the numbers – providing leadership and independent perspective, solving problems across the business, guiding decisions and creating value. He thrives in dynamic, fast paced entrepreneurial environments with the ability to think in multiple dimensions, operate at a macro or micro level at will and bring direction and leadership to complex and ambiguous business issues.

Dave is a seasoned business partner and advisor who can help you achieve your business objectives and increase the value of your company. He is committed to investing the time to understand your business and its culture, learn your objectives and listen to your concerns and priorities. Dave is a CFO who thinks and acts like a COO, and the combination of his financial and operational expertise makes him uniquely qualified to provide solutions for your business to facilitate growth, improve profits, maximize cash and deliver value.

Dave earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Masters Degree in Accounting from the University of Iowa. He is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and a Lean / Six-Sigma Greenbelt. He is a military veteran with eight years of combined service as an officer in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve.

Additional Areas of Experience and Expertise:

Finance and Accounting:

  • “Operationalizing” your accounting function. Coaching and mentoring teams to better understand and support your business. Aligning processes, reporting and analytics with strategy and operations to improve decision making, accountability and business performance.
  • Budgeting and forecasting. Developing sales and operations focused budgets and forecasts that are based on the commitments your management team has made to achieve your business objectives.
  • Profit improvement. Optimizing pricing, managing costs and expenses, improving margins and providing tools for management.  Developing tools to analyze and improve your business model.
  • Decision support. Developing business cases to guide key strategic and operating decisions and investments.  Integrating business cases and investments with budgets, forecasts and metrics.
  • Financial systems and processes. Implementing systems and processes to improve efficiency, operational effectiveness and information delivery.
  • Audit and due diligence planning and preparation.
  • Managing relationships with banks, insurance companies, accountants and investors.

Operations Support:

  • Working capital management. Developing tools to analyze elements of your cash conversion cycle, improving the sales and operations (S&OP) planning process, improving inventory turns, cash collection and vendor terms.  Developing cash flow forecasting tools and processes.
  • Key performance indicators. Identifying and implementing key performance indicators (KPI’s) linked to strategic and operational objectives and financial reporting.
  • Cost management. Developing cost accounting processes and tools to understand the direct costs of your products and services, identifying key drivers of labor, overhead and supply chain expenses, fixed costs and the breakeven point. Implementing cost reduction and operational improvement plans, measuring progress and facilitating accountability.

Strategy, Marketing and Sales Support:

  • Business Exit Planning. Identifying appropriate options and developing a plan to exit your business that meets your financial and career objectives.  Implementing a financial and operations based strategy to improve the value of your business and make it more attractive to investors.
  • Strategic planning. Analyzing strategies, investments and alternatives and building a driver based growth and profit roadmap for your business. Developing KPI’s to measure progress in achieving your objectives. Identifying creative ways to fund innovation, investment and growth.
  • Developing business models and investment cases for new products, services, markets, channels and business alliances.
  • Pricing. Providing competitive analysis and pricing support for products and services across multiple direct, channel and OEM paths to market. Developing tools to monetize the value of your solution to highlight competitive advantage and customer benefit.
  • Product line and channel management. Developing product and customer profitability reporting. Building tools to analyze and manage pricing, promotions, channel programs and margins and product life cycle planning.

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